House Clearance with a good clearing company

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House clearance is something that is usually done in part or as whole. In some instances, people do it because they have a lot of waste to clear from their houses or basement, while others do it to prevent further waste accumulation. Therefore in order to get good house clearing service, you will need to select a good clearance company. This is how to do it.

Select Carefully

Rubbish-clearanceBefore you choose a clearance company, you will need to research on the kind of services they provide. There are companies that provide less service than is on paper. You would therefore benefit to select a good rubbish clearance company as most of them have well maintained vans that are fully insured.

Check Physical Address

You should be aware that a good rubbish removal company usually has a physical location. This is important as some unscrupulous house clearances are run from home or a van. You can also check on the address to avoid situations where your valuable property gets lost or is stolen.

Stay within the Law

House clearance is more than a physical exercise; it is a law abiding exercise. If you chose a house clearance company that is unlicensed, you will be going against the law and may be liable to a fine of at least 5000 pounds or even imprisonment. Therefore you would be best served to hire a good house clearance service as most of them are legally certified.


You may fancy a house waste clearance company because it’s cheaper, but most times cheap is more expensive as most cheap house clearance companies don’t possess a license, insurance or disposal rights. They also may auction your giveaway house furniture instead of donating them to charity.


When you are looking to clear waste from your home, it is important to ensure that your chosen house clearance company is: selected based on research, licensed, has a physical address among others. Sometimes, choosing a good residential waste clearance company may be the way to go as it is a budget friendly choice.