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In every organization, there is a time in the year when corporate organizations hold a party for their employees. Employees are in charge of holding and hosting the party. Expenses go to the organization but every year they plan on reducing it. The tradition of holding corporate parties never stops. They are fun and help the employees connect with each other. Below are a few ways you can reduce corporate holiday party costs;

  • Schedule the party during the day; lunch menus are considered to be more cost effective that dinner menus. This eliminates personal time for a company event.
  • Manage catering choices; make small changes in the catering department that can save money. You can go for the packaged catering option as it is cheaper than the other catering services.
  • Hire a DJ instead of a band; band members get paid twice the amount of money you can pay a DJ. A DJ is able to play for the hours you need and provide good and excellent services. Hiring the best one will leave the whole company entertained.
  • Control decorating expenses; the person in charge of the event planning should buy decorations that are sensitive to all guests. Save money by using complimentary linens. You can be able to reuse decorations from the last corporate party and save up that money for other uses. See more on Daksha party catering for more information.
  • Eliminate gifts; the party is a sure way of appreciating your employees. Do away with employees’ gift and save up that money. Party favors and other appreciation gifts are not a must.
  • Send e-vite invitations; because this is a corporate party, you have e-mails of all the employees. Instead of buying cards and sending them out for invitation, email out the corporate invitation.


It is easy to save up on corporate events by eliminating the small things that do not matter as much.

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In recent years, Europe has witnessed shocking and deadly terror attacks; from the Charlie Hebdo attacks, to the Paris attacks last year, even the recent attacks in Amsterdam, Belgium. When these crimes happen, most of the perpetrators end up being criminals who claim to be doing it in the name of Islam. Consequently, most people respond by hating all Muslims in general; this hatred leads to a spike in Islamophobia, and before anyone knows it, communities become divided, and it becomes really hard tackling the problem at hand. Here in the UK, Lewisham Islamic Centre has categorically stated that it condemns all acts of violence perpetuated in the name of religion, be it in the name of Islam, Christianity, or Jewish extremism.

Immediately after the Paris Terror attacks, one of the major newspapers in the UK, The Sun, published a sensational, and outrageous poll, that stated that nearly one in five British Muslims has some sympathy with those who had fled the UK to fight for IS [so-called Islamic State] in Syria. This supposed poll was accompanied by a photo of Jihadi John, the masked ISIS executioner who was said to have run away from Britain, to go fight in Syria. This poll by The Sun was a Slap in the face, not just for the law abiding, and peace loving Muslims across the UK, but more so, for British Families whose children had escaped to Syria to fight. There was an outcry from leaders of all faiths and sectors, denouncing the poll as sensational, outrageous, and grossly exaggerated. The Independent Press Standards Organization, which is the regulatory body for all publications in the UK, said it had received over 3,000 complaints from both Muslims, and non Muslims, regarding that poll.

The Lewisham Islamic Centre does not advocate for, condone, or preach violence in the name of whatever religion. In our center, we have in place guidance and counseling programs for both young males and females. We never encourage anyone to go to abroad to wage war, or to wage it anywhere else for that matter. Besides, we have sports events and activities where the youth can direct their energy, and keep themselves occupied during their free time.


Lewisham Islamic Centre is working closely with various Faith & Non Faith Communities and the London Borough of Lewisham Metropolitan Police to make sure that Society is cohesive and tolerant so that the good name of Islam is not tarnsihed in any way, shape or form.

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When it comes to house clearance, many of us tend to be confused as to which the best company for this job is. This is especially so, considering that this is a tricky undertaking that requires you to find a reliable and reputable house waste clearance company. But for Londoners, this should no longer present one with a headache; it is now easier more than ever before to pick the right waste clearance company for your home;

  • Online; start by conducting a quick search online, in order to find out which house waste clearance companies are operating within your area. Most companies have websites where you will find the details of the services they offer, as well as the London boroughs in which they operate.
  • Friends/ referrals; alternatively you can ask your friends or family to recommend some great house clearance companies they have worked with in London.
  • Reputation; having identified one company out of the many that you saw online, how do you then establish whether it is a reputable company able to keep their end of the bargain? You can check the testimonials of guys who have tried their services, hear whether they got satisfactory services from the company.
  • Experience; how experienced is the company you want to select? In house clearance, experience does not necessarily imply the number of years. Rather, it means experience collecting waste from homes, and in neighborhoods around you. Mind you, some waste clearance companies specialize only on commercial clearance and are thus unsuitable to collect waste in homes.
  • Customer care; lastly, select a house clearance company in London that displays excellent customer care skills from the word go.


London is home to some reputable and experienced house clearance companies that will leave your home sparkling clean. Just make use of the above tips when selecting the right one. And you can see more on

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Contemporary-GardensMost people love outdoor gardens to a fault. Problem is they have trouble choosing the right furniture suitable for the outdoor gardens because of many variables. Of course regular furniture would not work because of the elements and the fact that the furniture is not covered. It is important therefore to choose furniture that will be able to withstand the forces of the elements of nature. Some tips on how to choose it include;

  • Get tailor-made furniture

Make sure that the sales people know that you are purchasing furniture for outdoor purposes. They will be able to gauge the weather in your area and direct you towards the best furniture that is tailor-made to withstand such conditions. They will decidedly be of a higher price than regular furniture but they will last longer. You can see more at

  • Choose blending colors

Colors that make up an outdoor garden are very important because they are the ones that give it life. Choose furniture that is in color shades that are striking but that blend with the beautiful nature that you have created.

  • Avoid bulky

For garden purposes, you should steer clear of bulky furniture because you may need to move it around a lot as you redecorate and bulky furniture would make this inconvenient. It is important to have light materials because they also don’t sink into the ground when placed down on the garden.

  • Cheap is expensive

Don’t automatically go for the cheapest furniture that you can lay your hands on. It could be more difficult and pricy to replace it if it falls apart after only ashort time.


Decorating contemporary outdoor gardens with furniture is fun and engaging. It helps you get in touch with your inner being


Bring the life into your outdoor garden by equipping it with the right furniture.

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Any business owner who has succeeded in business and has a clear picture of where they are taking their business will tell you that the reputation of a brand needs to be protected jealously. This is because once the image has been tarnished redeeming it to its former glory is always an uphill task. Your business succeeds or fails primarily because of its brand reputation. It is important for a business to be preceded by its flawless reputation at all times, if any meaningful growth is to be attained.

Online-BrandingReputation in business is the most important asset; you must always strive to protect it all times; failure to do so could have serious ramifications for your business for a very long time to come. In this day and age when businesses have taken the battle to win customers online, working with SEO experts can greatly help one build their brand, and maintain its good reputation. Working with SEO experts to enhance your brand has immense benefits, that include;

  • Excellent managers


Expert SEO services ensure that there is complete orderliness in your life at all times to ensure that your reputation stays intact. Customers and clients like consistency, they don’t want to get excited about your brand or product today, only for it to be overtaken by another brand the other day. But SEO Agency experts have the expertise to ensure that they consistently work on your brand to ensure that it tops the search engines every time customers perform a search. In branding and online marketing, consistency is key to building a solid reputation that will translate to much sales or profitability.

  • Affordable


Come to think of it, having SEO experts manage your brand is very affordable in the long term. Contrary to what one may assume, you don’t pay them daily to ensure that your brand reigns supreme. Once you’ve entrusted them to do that task, they take it upon themselves to promote your brand over a period of time. You can thus concentrate on other things like stocking your business more, or opening other branches, while the SEO experts are busy ensuring that your brand is always visible to potential customers.

  • Time saving


Having consultants work on your business’s reputation to make it a reputable, preferred brand is a time consuming exercise. Instead of trial and error methods trying to promote your brand, it makes sense to have experts who have the experience doing so for other brands.

  • Impeccable planning skills


SEO consultants on Facebook are very good planners. They know how to lay out all the details to formulate the picture that your business portrays to the world. They plan for eventualities even before they have even been thought about. Their plans ensure that you enjoy a brand that is refined and competitive.


Any business, regardless of how good or affordable its products are, if the reputation is questionable, is doomed to fail in the long run.


Get expert SEO consultants today, and have them work on your brand to make it reputable, and the choice of the numerous customers who perform searches online daily.

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luxury-apartmentsLiving in a luxury apartment, these homemakers will have the privilege of taking pleasure in transcending views of amongst the peaceful and tranquil settings, and faultlessly designed and beautifully chosen finishing and craftsmanship on the interiors. They are conveniently located where you have to only put a short walk to restaurants, shopping and easily access all your needs.

Modern, graceful designs go hand in hand with luxury living in today’s real estate world. Contemporary living is currently an escalating trend in the high end market. Equipped with all modern amenities, Luxury apartments built in Sri Lanka merge the convenience of contemporary living with a charm. These buildings commonly feature four types of two and three-bedroom apartment configurations. The common amenities include a swimming pool, indoor and outdoor gymnasiums, clubhouse, tennis courts, squash court, jogging track, activity room, kids’ play area and sometimes a helipad.

Luxury Apartments in Sri Lanka are on the rise today with the most urbane, contemporary luxury vertical living experience within a building fabricated with the best of class industry practices, and benchmarking on a global scale. Fairway Holdings is a leader in delivering luxury apartments in Sri Lanka, offering innovative luxury vertical living solutions along with several other lifestyle services. Among its other high-rise projects are the Fairway on the Waterfront, Fairmount-The Urban Oasis, SkyGardens, and The Elements (expected to be finished in 1st quarter of 2017), all of which are located in the fast-developing downtown area of Rajagiriya.

Choose Fairway Galle, for luxury apartments in the city of Galle, where you can spend the afternoons surrounded by sailboats, sea breezes and sunshine. Located in Galle, a historically important city, which today is also the host city of a number of important annual events including the Galle Literary Festival, the Galle Music Festival and the Galle Children’s Festival. Fairway Galle is a luxury living concept by Fairway Holdings, a leading conglomerate in Sri Lanka.

Junk Clearance services

House clearance is something that is usually done in part or as whole. In some instances, people do it because they have a lot of waste to clear from their houses or basement, while others do it to prevent further waste accumulation. Therefore in order to get good house clearing service, you will need to select a good clearance company. This is how to do it.

Select Carefully

Rubbish-clearanceBefore you choose a clearance company, you will need to research on the kind of services they provide. There are companies that provide less service than is on paper. You would therefore benefit to select a good rubbish clearance company as most of them have well maintained vans that are fully insured.

Check Physical Address

You should be aware that a good rubbish removal company usually has a physical location. This is important as some unscrupulous house clearances are run from home or a van. You can also check on the address to avoid situations where your valuable property gets lost or is stolen.

Stay within the Law

House clearance is more than a physical exercise; it is a law abiding exercise. If you chose a house clearance company that is unlicensed, you will be going against the law and may be liable to a fine of at least 5000 pounds or even imprisonment. Therefore you would be best served to hire a good house clearance service as most of them are legally certified.


You may fancy a house waste clearance company because it’s cheaper, but most times cheap is more expensive as most cheap house clearance companies don’t possess a license, insurance or disposal rights. They also may auction your giveaway house furniture instead of donating them to charity.


When you are looking to clear waste from your home, it is important to ensure that your chosen house clearance company is: selected based on research, licensed, has a physical address among others. Sometimes, choosing a good residential waste clearance company may be the way to go as it is a budget friendly choice.